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Why are there different types of paint?

March 15, 2018 | By: admin
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Looking for a painting contractor in Chappaqua, NY? When it comes to painting in Westchester County inside and outside a home, the professional team at Gallo Paint & Wallpapering are up to any task. We can do a touch-up or the whole house. We can do it all!

Painting Contractor in Chappaqua, NY

Serving the residents of Westchester County for more than 20 years, the Gallo Paint & Wallpapering name is synonymous with fine-quality painting expertise in Chappaqua, NY. A quality paint job begins with meticulous surface prep and attention to detail. Only the finest quality painting materials are used for priming and prepping your home for the job. We use time-honored methods to achieve the finest painted finish possible. All of our house painting materials  are chosen for durability, ease of maintenance, and long-term color retention.

How to pick a brand of paint?

The brand choices for paint for your home are myriad, as are the colors you can pick, the finish that the dry paint will have after it’s applied, and the formulations. Most often, we as homeowners in Chappaqua, NY and surrounding areas are confronted with a decision to buy latex-based paint or alkyd-based paint; more commonly, latex paint or oil paint.

What is latex paint?

Latex paint is not actually made with latex, a natural material commonly sourced from rubber trees. As a natural material, latex may cause allergic reactions in some people. The material in latex paint is actually a synthetic polymer material that behaves and performs like natural latex. Yet, it avoids the allergy issue with a different chemical structure than latex. As a result, people allergic to latex need don’t have to worry.

Latex paint is a general term which covers all paints that use synthetic polymers. Examples include acrylic, vinyl acrylic (PVA), and styrene acrylic as binders. The term “latex” is applied to most water-based paint, regardless if the paint can states it’s 100% acrylic, latex, or vinyl styrene. It is only because natural latex and synthetic polymers share the property of looking milky when wet. In addition, it’s clear and flexible when dry. They call the whole family of polymers “latex” in the paint industry.

What is acrylic paint?

Typical interior house paint is most commonly a mix of 20% acrylic and 80% vinyl. Therefore, paints that have a higher percentage of acrylic in the mixture are better quality and generally cost more. Acrylic resins are better for interiors and exteriors in that they offer:

  • Better stain protection and washability
  • Water resistance
  • Better adhesion
  • Better stain blocking
  • Resistance to cracking and blistering
  • Resistance to alkali cleaners

Good versus bad

High-quality paint costs more than bargain-brand paints. The reason for this is they apply and perform better in the long run. Most paint performance issues are not discovered until after the paint is applied. To help out, ask our painting contractors in Chappaqua, NY to give you tips with the brand of paint you’re considering for your home.

Gallo Paint & Wallpapering are expert painting contractors. If you have any questions pertaining to a painting company, house painter, and painting contractor in Chappaqua, NY, 10541 zip code area, Bedford, NY, Yorktown Heights, NY, and White Plains, NY, contact Gallo Paint & Wallpapering at (845) 890-8068.


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We are very pleased with the results! Professional and punctual. Finished ahead of estimate too! Planning to hire again in the fall.

- Ann Kerr Greenfieldt

Al and his team were originally supposed to come in just to paint our apartment. We did not have a good experience with our original contractor and Al and his team came in and cleaned up the mess that our nightmare of a contractor left us with. Al's team was trustworthy, quick, clean, affordable and did a fantastic job with our project. We would recommend Al and his company to anyone! Thanks for saving the day!

- Mike zippo

The painters did an excellent job on both the interior and exterior of my house. In addition to patching and sanding the walls, they also gave my home a flawless color update. I would definitely recommend.

- Christopher Camarra

We recently had our basement renovated and hired Gallo Painting to do the entire space. The job was neat and professional and the price for all of the work done was fair. Al is a great problem solver who fabricated some small doors to cover an upgraded electrical panel. I was searching for similar doors online and they were several hundred dollars. His work is perfect and was much less. I can't wait to have them come back and do my upstairs!

- Thomas Mehnert

We have been using Gallo Paint and Wallpapering Company for the past 10 years! We recently moved into a new house and Al Gallo and his painters were still the best. They are master painters, as well as punctual, clean, neat, and very reliable. The crews work well together and are friendly and competent. I would highly recommend them for any work you need done!

- Lynn Aronson
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