• Don’t FALL Behind on Your Home Projects

    Autumn is here and that means that winter is right around the corner! There are so many projects that can’t be done during the winter, due to snow and the elements making it difficult to proceed. Gallo Paint & Wallppapering suggests hiring us [...]

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    Painting Tips from the Premiere Painting Company

    It’s easy to get frustrated and make mistakes while painting your home. Gallo Paint and Wallpapering take pride in their ability to prepare for anything. As a painting company near Bedford NY, we have years of experience Top Painting Tips  [...]

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    Wallpaper Problems: What's Wrong?

    Does you wallpaper peel, curl, or show stains? Is your wallpaper’s pattern distorted by bumps or divots in the wall’s surface?Gallo Paint and Wallpapering, the wallpaper installation experts for homes and businesses throughout Westchester [...]

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